Air Receiver Tanks, Dryers, and Filtration

Refrigerated Air Dryers (IDU E & IDF E/F/D)

Protect Pneumatic Equipment from Moisture

An air dryer removes the vapour from the moist compressed air delivered by the compressor, and prevents it from causing the pneumatic equipment to fail.

Tolerant of high temperature environment

Air-cooled type can be used at ambient temperature 45°C. Second re-heater helps the heat radiation of the condenser allow use at ambient temperature 45°C.

Energy saving design

Reduces exhaust heat from air dryer by up to 25%. Suppresses ambient temperature increase (air-cooled type). Reduces amount of facility water (water-cooled type). Second re-heater reduces the load to the condenser, and reduces exhaust heat from air dryer by up to 25%. Reduced exhaust heat achieves downsizing and energy saving operation of the air conditioner!


Ambient temperature: Max. 45 °C
Inlet air temperature: Max. 65 °C

Applicable for the high-temperature environments
Increased air flow capacity


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